Finance Snapshot

The O’Sullivan Foundation has total assets of approximately $16.5 million*. 7.5-10% of assets are paid out annually.

Detailed financial reporting by by year can be found in Annual Reports.

*figure as of July 2014

Snapshot of giving from inception in 2005

*as of December 2013

  • Total assets: 15,092,315
  • Total donations: $9,944,061
  • Total number of donations: 71
  • Total number organisations supported: 16
  • Average donation size: $140,057
  • Median donation size: $50,000

Donation Overview by year

Donation Overview by Year 2005-2013

Overall Asset Growth

Smiley faceAverall Asset Growth 2005-2013 align=

Donations as % of total assets

Donations as % of assets 2005-2013

Annual Donations by Year

Annual Donations by year 2005-2013