What we fund

What does the O’Sullivan Foundation Fund?

We fund in 3 main areas:

  • Education: Projects at primary, secondary and higher education levels, with a particular focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) disciplines.
  • Economic development: Supporting businesses as a drivers of employment and economic growth for individuals and communities.
  • Global & Cultural understanding

Our Grantee Portfolio showcases the organisations in which we invest.

What kinds of projects do we fund? 

The O’Sullivan Foundation makes 6-10 grants per year of between $50,000 and $1.5m. None of the projects we invest in are unsolicited.

Projects we DO fund…

  • Are not-for-profit ventures
  • Have demonstrated traction/success
  • Have global impact
  • Have Open Source deliverables
  • Are one-time donations

Projects we do NOT fund…

  • Unsolicited proposals
  • Personal donations (i.e. scholarships, sponsorships)
  • Re-occuring donations

Where does the O’Sullivan Foundation fund?

The O’Sullivan Foundation funds globally. It is particularly committed to giving back to those communities in which SOSventures Investments Ltd operates and generates profits.

Can I apply for a grant from the O’Sullivan ?

The O’Sullivan Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals: Don’t call us. If we want to back you, we will call you.